SCFHS and Licensing: What You Need to Know

The licensing process for healthcare professionals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is pretty straightforward. This is if everything – documents, email addresses, phone number, work experience – is in order. However, as we all know, not everything is perfect and some of you may have experienced some issues in licensing. We’ll try to break down the operators involved so that if there are any issues, you’ll know how to remedy it.

Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS) Licensing

The SCFHS was established by a Royal Decree and is a Scientific Commission which has a legal personality. SCFHS is responsible for supervising and evaluating training programs as well as setting controls and standard for the practice of health professionals. This includes licensing for professionals, training, research, education of future health professionals, and even publications. It’s the umbrella organization for anything that relates to the health of the people. The SCFHS will be the ones evaluating an individual’s capacity to work in the health field.

Mumaris Plus

Mumaris Plus is the service within the SCFHS website where you create your login credentials. You create the username and password in order to obtain your Profile ID. You need to complete your profile on Mumaris Plus in order to get your professional classification. The Mumaris Plus application will guide you through the complete process. The input you provide (the information to be filled) varies for every one and the details you provide will be the basis for your professional classification.

SCFHS Licensing
Any issues? The key is Tawasul.


Tawasul is a service within the SCFHS website that aims to address any problems you might have when using their Mumaris Plus. I have frequently encountered questions like: My agency was the one who created my login credentials, what should I do? The answer is to get in touch with Tawasul. “I was in the middle of entering my personal information when my computer froze, and now, I can’t get logged in, what should I do?” Altogether now: Tawasul! For any questions, follow ups, technical support, or even suggestions, contact Tawasul.

Prometric and DataFlow

Prometric and DataFlow are two different companies. What they have in common is that you need to undergo the Prometric exam and the DataFlow verification if you are to have a healthcare professional license issued by SCFHS. If you’re having any issues with Prometric, you can either get in touch with Tawasul, or directly with Prometric. The same goes for DataFlow. What you can’t do is ask Prometric for a DataFlow issue or vice-versa.

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  1. Dear sir, Assalamualaikum i m mustaqueem ansari about the pharmacy specialists the schedulling exam has passes plz reactivate this query

    1. Hello Mustaqueem Ansari, thanks for reaching out. This is not our primary focus, we focus on the verification of your documents-part if you would like to work abroad. For scheduling exams, you would have to clarify directly with the respective regulator.

      What we can help with is verify your documents, which is a requirement by most regulators in the GCC, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the US, as well as the UK.

      Best regards team

  2. Can i obtain the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS) Licensing if am in Cameroon or i must be resident Saudi Arabia

  3. Im trying to get a good standing cert from KSA but unfortunately, my agency are the ones who made my acct and didnt informed me about it, i learnerd about mumaris only from 2 days ago. I tried creating mumaris but i just learned that i shouldnt have done that. Now, its my 2nd day calling tawasul and they keep on saying that the system is down. I feel so hopeless.. Ive been praying to have an agent who’s willing to go a mile to help my case.. I feel so bad about my situation…is there any other way aside from mumaris site where i can get a good standing cert?

    1. Hello Yankim,

      Thanks for reaching out. A Good Standing Certificate can be procured from the authority which issued your license to practice. In countries where there are no licenses issued to practice, this document can be obtained from your most recent employer. Some regulators require that the GSC should have been issued within the last six months from the date of verification. Hope that helps.

      Best regards,
      SM, team

      1. Its been a month since I paid my Certificate of good standing but till now i did not received it . I tried to contact them many times But same answer as always ‘’ still processing’’. What to do? Hoping 4 + response. Thnx

        1. Hello Janice,

          Thanks for reaching out. I have tried to search your email address in our database, and looked for any tickets (queries) raised via and there were none. Is it possible that you used a different email address? If not, please create a ticket via the link above and a Customer Care associate will reach out to you within 48 hours.

          Best regards,
          SM, team

  4. Hello i am apllying for the first time to mumaris plus with no success for classification eventhlugh i have a eligible dataflow how many times can i try before getting blacklisted

    1. Is the system for mumaris plus is under maintenance? For how long this could last? Thank you for any answers..And TAWasul cannot be reached.. I tried calling multiple times from UAE but to no avail..

  5. Good evening,
    I worked in Jeddah from 2015 to 2018 and now I’m an immigrant in the US. One of the requirements is the verification of license in your good office. Is it possible that I will send the form through email? I will just scan and attached the file? Thank you very much and

    1. Hi Felisa,

      Thanks for reaching out. The forms are uploaded online, yes, just scan and upload. Please go to, sign-up and select the appropriate package for you, e.g. the USD179.00 if you just want your license verified.

      Upload all required documents, the accompanying data, and conduct the payment after check-out. After 30 days you will receive your report which we will transfer to the appropriate regulator/authority for you.

      If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know.

      Best regards
      SM, team

  6. hi good morning. is it possible if they can send me my certificate of good standing to my email address or directly to the ncnz? I paid already the fees and the ncnz required the Certificate to be directly sent to them by the saudi council or forwarded by me containing the address of the scfhs.

  7. I have a offer letter from a KSA hospital to work as a consultant in a subspeciality. Now I need the Saudi commission certificate. Do I need to give an exam or will they verify my subspeciality certificates which are from Belgium and Canada, and based on the offer letter give me the certificate? My undergrad is from east Europe.

  8. Hi, I’m a licensed RN in USA and I am planning on transferring state for practice. They want my Saudi license (and the rest of my licenses) verified before I can be issued a permanent license. How am I supposed to accomplish this? Thank you!

    1. Hi Eleanor,

      Thanks for reaching out. You can have your Saudi licenses and others verified by signing up with and purchasing either a Nurses’ verification bundle or a single document verification. This is the link to register:

      If you need anything else, let me know.

      Best regards,
      SM, team

    2. Hello, im currently working here in Jeddah as a Nurse. I took and passed my prometric exam – Nurse Specialist this May 12, 2019, my concern is about my surname, i want to make it correct as soon as possible because it was wrong. Is there a way to change my surname? Please help me. Thank you so much. Shukran Jazilan.

      1. Hi Rona Mae,

        Thanks for reaching out. On your question regarding your incorrect surname, if it is incorrect in DataFlow records, we can do something about that. If it is reflecting incorrectly with other organizations (SCFHS, Prometric), you would need to get in touch with them directly to get that corrected.

        To contact DataFlow, please create a ticket via this link: and a Customer Care associate will get in touch with you within 48 hours of the ticket creation.

        Best regards,
        SM, team

  9. i can not enter any services in my mumaris plus.Any services I enter is saying “Please complete your Profile Detail and then apply.Please complete your Profile Detail and then apply”. Im trying to go in additional services to update my profile still showing same message. How can I update my profile if I can not enter in additional services?

  10. Hlo sir my tawasul query was not clear last 4 month and my promatric eligibility id invalid show in mumaris plus and my classification has been cancel and my query same last 4 month plz sir tell me what can i do

  11. Hello. My problem is that, I do not know if I am registered under SCFHS, I worked in Saudi Arabia from 2014-2016 but my employer told me he did not register me. Even my dataflow, he did not accomplish it because I just contacted the dataflow group and they said that I don’t have a name in their system. I even paid for it before, I also passed my prometrics exam. I need a COGS from SCFHS but I am trying to get in touch with them through Tawasul but there is no success. Do you have any idea how to get a COGS?

  12. Dear Sir/Madam,
    Please note that I was working in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for last four years as a Registered License Nurse . I was working in King Faisal Hospital and Research Centre, Riyadh.
    After leaving from Saudi , I got job in United Kingdom and now Iam under Processing for my Visa. But unfortunately i have only a copy of my Professional Accreditation certificate, while NMC needs the original color copy for their verification. I tried to Login to my Mumaris account but i forgot my username and password.

    How can i get original color copy of my valid accreditation Certificate for my UK (NMC) Visa processing. I have a valid licence still in SCFHS and the license card too. But now NMC needs the original color copy of my Professional Accreditation Certificate.

    Now i have a photocopy of my Professional Accreditation Certificate (B&W). From where shall i get the electronic copy of it. I tried creating a new mumaris account, i tried all sections in SCFHS official website to find a place to download it with my license number or iqama number.

    Please help me with the link or way to get the same as soon as posiible.

    1. hi.I need also the same thing.I only have a copy but not the original.Can you help me how did you obtain the original one?Thank you

  13. I’m applying for professional classification under mumaris plus in order to get eligibility no. for prometric exam., but my application was returned due to missing documents I need to comply, which is passport photo and passport copy. But upon complying, the system is asking me national ID or resident permit. I have none of these because I’ve never been in KSA and it’s my first time to apply in KSA. Due to this problem I can’t submit and proceed my professional classificafion application. Any suggestion what will I do with.this matter? Thanks.

  14. Hi good day i would like to know how am i going to reach saudi commision member because im request them to send an email of my certificate of good standing to singappre nursing board but it seem no one reply.i get the query ticket from tawasul few month ago the file is open but there is no feedback.

  15. Hello,i have concern with regards with my cgfns documents i sent to SCHS riyadh last july 2019 thru fed ex. I put my email on the document but i haven’t receive any details from them. It has to be send to CGFNS in the US.but, as i check my CGFNS account, it is not yet submitted by SCHS riyadh. And i dont know anyone who can help me follow up the status of my document. I am currently working in Suriname, South america. I hope you can help me with my problem. Thanks

  16. Hello! i would like to ask about my applicaton of NCLEX @ New York State Education Department,
    i’m done with Online Application Nurses Form and pay 143 USD. then take/passed online mandated courses “anti child abuse & infection control” and attach it all through entire procedure. Right now i ask one of my relative in philippines to process my NURSES FORM 2F for certification of foreign nursing education to my previous college school and NURSES FORM 3F my verification of licensure/registration @ Professional Regulation Commission of the philippines. i just want to know, how can i verified my saudi council for health specialties licensed here in the saudi. should i send the NURSES FORM 3F also to the saudi commision directly with CGS? thank you.

    1. Hi Louie,

      Thanks for reaching out. I have researched the Nurses Form 3F and it is to be accomplished by SCFHS.For more detailed information, you may want to inquire directly with the authority you are applying to: the corresponding state board in the US.

      Best of luck with your new endeavor.


      SM, team

  17. Good day you. I received an email stating that my application was returned to me because of “unclear documents”. After logging in, Mumaris was asking to edit/reupload my Certificate of Employment which I am very sure that i already uploaded it and it is already verified by Dataflow. Mumaris is asking for another payment costing 900 SR or 12 thousand (very high price). Please kindly help me. Thank you.

    1. Hi Ralph,

      If your COE is already verified, you need to upload your DataFlow report. If you need clarification about your particular case, please chat with our agents using this link:

      Our agents are available from 6 AM to 6 PM Gulf Standard Time. Outside those hours you can raise a ticket.

      If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know.

      Best regards
      SM, team

  18. Hi pls help me…. I retrieve my accnt scfhs but i save bfore a wrong email address.. I wnt to change it now, i go to costumer support then fill up some mandatory field but keep on asking for application number, i dont know where to get that… So i make a new accnt in mumaris plus, its ctivated as said in my another email… Then when i try to log in i dont know the username, i try my email but its long enough…. What will i do?? Pls badly needed ur help.

  19. Dear SM,
    Can you guide me how to cancel an open ticket in Tawasul, because i raised a ticket in september and this ticket is still open.
    now i need to open a ticket to re-activate my eligibility id to schedule my exam’s 2nd attempt.
    Looking forward to your supportive reply.


    ambreen rashid

  20. Hai.
    i am currently working in a saudi MOH hospital and applied for UK NMC registration. On the second stage of my NMC registration process i have given my Saudi Good standing certificate along with the Nursing Registration Certificate.

    NMC will contact them to verify the details which i was provided to them. According that, what should i do from my side to make it happen.

    i want to inform SCFHS related to this NMC verification process. Is there any payment need to do that or how can i contact SCFHS. please advise

  21. Hi there, I’m currently working in Saudi Arabia as staff nurse and recently I got an offer in singapore. I’m in the midst of submitting all the necessary documents to them. Singapore requires Saudi to send verification of my good standing certificate to them directly without the involvement of 3rd party. I have gone to the Saudi Council to request for it but no definite answer was given. Please advice how to request the verification in Tawasul website. Thank you in advance.

  22. Good morning, is a certificate from WHO accepted to SCFHS as CME? If yes, how will I pass my certificates to be accredited? Thank you

    1. Hi Myet,

      We accept documents of any provenance for verification. Evaluation of the said documents are the province of SCFHS, and you may want to reach out directly to them.

      If you need anything else, let me know.


      SM, team

  23. Hi ,I am a physician who worked in Saudi from 2007-2009.I want my good standing certificate to be emailed to my College in Canada and not at my registered email ID.I didn’t find any option of changing the email address while applying for good standing certificate online.Tawasul is not responding to my repeated enquiries.Could you provide any guidance/assistance.

    1. Hi Dr. Jagdeep,

      Thanks for reaching out. We can only direct you to the authority concerned, which is SCFHS, for your concern.

      For document verification concerns, we would be more than happy to assist you. If you need anything else, let me know.


      SM, team

  24. Hello.i need a professional accreditation certificate and i have a mumaris account, how can i process that? Im done w my good standing certificate already.thnks for your response.