Why is PSV of Documents for Medical Staff Critical?

primary source verificationAre you a nurse, doctor or medical technician looking to work in one of the Gulf countries? Maybe Saudi Arabia, Bahrain or UAE? If you are, then you know that there are documents that need to be verified. These documents include education degrees, employment certificates, and healthcare practice licenses.

But more importantly – why do you need to verify these documents?

Around the world, people are getting caught using fake degrees from diploma mills and fabricated resumes in search of jobs abroad.

In fact, the UAE is already warning against the use of fake documents when applying for employment in any of the seven Emirates. So spare yourself the trouble by using primary source verification (PSV) to authenticate your documents.

What is PSV?

PSV is a background check that verifies documents directly from the issuing source, thus guaranteeing the optimal accuracy and integrity of the obtained information.

This is where the DataFlow Group comes in.

The DataFlow Group uses PSV to protect an organization, as well as its patients, from being duped by fakes through exposure of fraudulent papers.

Check out the video below on How to Apply:

  • Any communication between the applicant and the original source is NOT PSV.
  • Original documents are not equivalent to primary sources.
  • Notarized documents are not verified sources. It is possible that the notary stamp itself is fraudulent.
  • Gulf Authorities require PSV of documents especially if you’re in the healthcare industry including for example:

SCHS – Saudi Commission for Health Specialties
HAAD – Health Authority – Abu Dhabi
DHA – Dubai Health Authority
QCHP – Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners
MOH UAE – Ministry of Health United Arab of Emirates
OMSB – Oman Medical Specialty Board
NHRA – National Health Regulatory Authority – Bahrain
DCAS – Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services

Reasons why PSV is critical to medical staff

What does PSV mean for patients and healthcare organizations? According to a white paper by Joint Commission International (JCI) on PSV:

PSV for nurses
PSV of documents is critical especially for nurses who want to work in the GCC.

Patients must rely on a health care organization’s due diligence to ensure that staff members are qualified to attend to their health care needs. Patients do not have the knowledge to assess the competence of health care professionals. Thus, the responsibility rests squarely on the shoulders of hospital leaders.’

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are already taking precautions to get rid of the problem of fake hiring by using PSV.

PSV helps healthcare institutions get the best medical staff. In turn, this hiring process helps them provide quality healthcare to their patients.

For your own benefit, here’s why it’s critical that you are primary source verified.


  • proves that you are a qualified professional
  • helps you stand out from the applicant crowd
  • protects you in foreign countries
  • gives you trusted “branding” as you pursue your career abroad

PSV removes all the fraudulent pretenses that would possibly harm healthcare institutions, applicants, and patients alike. PSV creates a win-win situation for all. How cool is that?

Source: Verification of Health Care Professionals: A Risk Reduction Strategy for Patients and Health Care Organizations. It’s a white paper by Joint Commission International (JCI) and sponsored by the DataFlow Group.


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  1. Dear dataflow.. Plz help me start up my career in uae as medical technologist. Is there a need for me to take the HAAD or DHA exam if i already have the ASCPi IMLs license? Or the Emirate will allow convertion of license since ita an international license.Is the convertion part of the PSV process?

    1. Thanks for reaching out. We only focus on the DataFlow verification part. For your HAAD exam or such please coordinate with HAAD directly.

      Best regards
      Grace Torres, TrueProfile.io

  2. Dear sir ,
    I wanted to view my report from my account,i got a email from data flow following; but unfortunately i have forgot my password and mobile number i had entered ,I had contacted DCAS for the same but they have asked mi to contact data flow for the same.
    please send mi a copy of my report or link to login my account as i have been facing this problem from longer time.I need to submit my report to my new employer or else i may loose my job. Its a kind request to solve the issue at the earliest.my barcode is D007-1701-025556 my pass number m4883987

    1. Hi Abdur,

      Thanks for reaching out. You just need to go to this site: https://www.dataflowstatus.com/applicationstatus and fill in the required information. If you do not have access to your old DataFlow case ID number, you can file a ticket with https://corp.dataflowgroup.com/supportcontact-us/ and one of our Customer Care Associates will get in touch with you within 48 hours.

      If you need anything else, let me know.

      Best regards,
      SM, TrueProfile.io team