INTERVIEW: I Added TrueIdentity to My Verified Credentials For Extra Trust!

He completed his myTrueProfile page, set it to Public, and is ready for a new opportunity! Find out about Rajeev Karki’s experience with and why he even bought an additional TrueIdentity!

Rajeev Karki, an Optometrist from Nepal, knew that in order to work in the Gulf Cooperation Council region countries, he needed to have his credentials verified. He had heard so much about that he decided to get his documents verified with us. You may also recognise Rajeev’s name as he was the winner of our January Scholarship!

Let’s hear it from the man himself:

I’m an Optometrist from Nepal. I’m an easy-going and funny person who loves learning more about medical advances, news and history. I like to read books, play cricket and listen to music.

Rajeev Karki Testimonial

You come from Nepal, where the highest mountain in the world is located. Can you tell us how your country has shaped who you are as a person?

That’s right. And it’s not only Everest. Out of top ten highest mountains in the world, eight are in Nepal. The culture we were raised in definitely influences the way we think and feel. I’m just like any average Nepali person: friendly, honest and calm.

Tell us about your future plans.

Rajeev Karki Testimonial

Having worked in Dubai for the last two years, I am now open to new challenges and welcome opportunities in other countries, where I can practice professionally. 

You have purchased TrueIdentity after having your credentials verified. Can you tell us about your experience? 

Yes, I had my credentials verified first. And then when I found out about TrueIdentity, which adds more trust to your digital resumé, I purchased it too. It was so quick and easy to verify my identity. I wanted to add TrueIdentity to my digital resumé in order to bring more trust to my credentials.

You also won our January Scholarship, how has it helped you so far?

Rajeev Karki Testimonial

Yes, I did! I would like to thank the Team for choosing me and awarding me the Scholarship for January 2020. I’m very happy I won and I am investing it in my professional growth. I am looking forward to going overseas for the next stage in my career.

Would you recommend to your friends?

Yes, I would highly recommend to my friends and colleagues who are looking to apply to GCC countries. It is a great lifetime investment, as it remains forever with you, in a simple way. I’m always appreciative of for the support it provides for its Members in uplifting their career, as well as making me a verified candidate for prospective employers.

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