This is a guide to help you get licensed as a nurse in Qatar.

How to Get a Nursing License in Qatar

nursing license Qatar

This is a guide to help you get licensed as a nurse in Qatar.

This is a guide to help you get licensed as a nurse in Qatar. It’s intended for those who have already gotten an employer in Qatar but is just muddled on how to proceed in order to get their license.

The Government Agency

The department that oversees doling out licenses to medical practitioners is the Qatar Council for Health Practitioners. It’s the unit responsible for registration, licensing, accreditation, and furthermore, overseeing the fitness to practice. The QCHP is like PRC, only more specialized and focused on the medical profession. The Ministry of Public Health, State of Qatar, in this sense, is the same as our DoH. For this article, our focal point will be QCHP.

Documents at the Ready for DataFlow

As always, the basic requirements are your documents. These are listed in the evaluation requirements found here. Once complete, you are finally ready for the Primary Source Verification. Data Flow helps you by authenticating your documents from the source. The QCHP has a very helpful flowchart to assist you in visualizing the process. There are five ways to apply for PSV. One is individually through their website, as well as with your employer, while the other two are through email or via the DataFlow counters at the SCH premises. One other way is via If you verify with, this would ensure that you own your PSV Report forever. Once you have applied for the PSV and paid the fees, wait for the email that says you need to get your evaluation certificate from the Supreme Council of Health Qatar. This means you can now submit your application for licensing.

Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners

Sign up as a new user in order to apply for a nursing license. Once you have set up your login, you will consequently undergo an evaluation process. You will need to submit your documents and also attach a proof of submission to the verification company. Here is the list of documents needed and especially relevant is the order in which you should arrange them.


Get your documents verified to get a nursing license in Qatar

Note that the burden of following up with DataFlow and the results will be on you. With your data verified by DataFlow, attestation can be considered redundant by the SCH. Once everything has been submitted, you may probably be interviewed if your documents come out as negative or unable to be verified at the source.


If you are eligible and all the documents are positive, the Registration Department will finally issue your Nursing License. Good luck!

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  • marwa says:

    Hello..i just want to ask why until now i did’nt receive any email from you..i apply for my data flow 28/10/2017 . i dont have a copy of my receipt payment..…the payment is approuved ..but i don’t have any email ithank you…

    • Grace Torres says:

      Hello, thanks for reaching out. What is the email address that you used? Is it the same one you used to log on in here? If you logged in via the client portals (SCFHS/DHA/etc), you can go to If you do not have the information like the bar code or the reference number, please use the “Other Purpose” button at the bottom of the page. We will then return to you with a qualified response shortly.

      Best regards Team

  • Sandhya says:

    Can I apply for nursing license before finding an employer ? I am a registered Nurse from Nepal with more than 2 years experience in hospital in Nepal. I am trying to get QHCP nursing license – what would be the way to move forward ?

  • Anoldis Sakhile Nkomo says:

    Iam a registered nurse currently practising in the Republic of South Africa. I would like to get employment in Qatar so that i can register with the council. Can someone please connect me with cantacts or emails for potential employers in Qatar. Hospitals and schools of nursing/Colleges/Universities of Nurse education.

    Thank you in advance

    • Grace Torres says:

      Hello Sakhile,

      Thanks for reaching out. We do not offer jobs or facilitate job placements per se. We focus on the mandatory document verification part which is compulsory before starting a job in the Gulf region or in Singapore.

      What we can help with is verify your documents, which is a requirement by regulators in the GCC and Singapore.

      Best regards team

  • Yuki says:

    Hi … I have 2 years working experience as a nurse in KSA private hospital. But I dont have a license, because according to the Saudi Council I do have a gap . Which in reality I dont have . My prometric registration was just delayed for a year because the government relation of our hospital failed to process my dataflow application. To make story short I cannot apply for registration on the prometric exam here At all..
    My questions is: Can I still use my COE here in KSA to be dataflowed in Qatar?

    Thank you in advance.. Have a good day..

    • Grace Torres says:

      Hello Yuki,

      Thanks for reaching out. For questions regarding policy, you need to reach out directly to the regulator that you will be applying to – in your case Qatar. We can process your documents, but you need to find out directly from the regulators themselves what is acceptable to them.

      Best regards team

  • Kathleen says:

    Hi I am a graduate nurse in my country, now i wanted to take nursing examination again as I failed in my 1 st attempt in my country where and how can i process it here in qatar.

    • Grace Torres says:

      Hello Kathleen,

      Thanks for reaching out. The article is the instruction itself on how you can process it. The links are also embedded in the article as well.

      Best regards team

  • Tintu says:

    Hi i have completed my dataflow. Now i want to conform that after reaching Qater they will ask experience certificate. Buz i have only still working certificate. My previous employer not ready to issue the certificate.

    • Grace Torres says:

      Hello Tintu, thanks for reaching out. processes documents verification and will forward the PSV Report to the regulator of your choice – Qatari regulators in your case. Your question will be best addressed by the authority which will process your licensure. You may want to reach out to them directly.

      Best regards, team

  • Vivina says:

    Hi..I have completed 2 years of experience as a staff nurse in India also I have passed Qatar Prometric exam recently.Could you please suggest me whether I can start my dataflow now?

    • Grace Torres says:

      Hello Vivina,

      Thanks for reaching out. processes documents verification and will forward the PSV Report to the regulator of your choice. Your question will be best addressed by the authority which will process your licensure. You do, however, have the option to do your DataFlow PSV Report in advance with anytime. For further clarifications on licensing requirements, you may want to reach out directly to your regulator of choice.

      Best regards, team

  • Geanina says:

    Hi, I am an european nurse, I have my licence from my country root, I wanna apply here but as I read on QCHP website it is compulsory to have at least 2 years as experience, which I don’t have, but one year as nurse volunteer only. My question is that, do I have any chance to get the licence here in Qatar knowing that I have no those 2 years as experience? I have also read on the QCHP website something about that if you don’t have 2 years or if you have breaks, you can apply for training first… But honestly, I did not understand that paragraph very well… Any helpful Information from you please….?! I really need to get the nurse licence here…..

    Thank you in advance.

    • Grace Torres says:

      Hello Geanina, thanks for reaching out. Your question will be best addressed by the QCHP as they will be the authority which will process your licensure. You may want to reach out to them directly.

      Best regards, team

  • Vanessa Joy says:

    I would like to ask whats the procedure of applying for this exam. I am a nurse and worked in KSA . My Saudi Council is still valid upto this date.
    How much would it cost to sit the exam?
    Thank you.

    • Grace Torres says:

      Hello Vanessa,

      As primarily deals with verification, you might want to get in touch directly with QCHP for a more binding advise regarding exams.

      Regards, team

  • Tessy says:

    Haii mam ,
    I ve completed my dataflow requirements for Qatar and I got the report also..My doubt is next in which portal I want to do the nursing registration.

    • Grace Torres says:

      Hello Tessy, thanks for reaching out. It really depends on your situation, whether you have processed your verification via the regulator portal or via the portal. For more assistance, please email and we will be happy to assist you. Please include your DataFlow barcode.

      Best regards, team

  • Dion says:


    I am registered to practice in the UK and have been asked to care for for a patient discharged from our hospital in Qatar for one week. I would be caring for this patient at their home in Qatar. I do not have Qatar registration- would I need to get this or is there any other way to practice safely as it is only for one week? I am a Nurse Specialist in the UK and would be working within my specialty specifically.

  • Yusuf says:

    hello, am in abu dhabi and wanted to have qatar nursing license and work there but I don not yet have employer in qatar. can i register and write the exam here before going to qatar?

    • SM says:

      Hello Yusuf,

      Thanks for reaching out. You might want to reach out directly to the NHRA for your concern as they will be the ultimate authority to answer your question. If you have any concerns or you want to prepare your DataFlow report ahead of time, we would be happy to assist you.

      Best regards,
      SM, team

  • Aleli says:

    Hello Maam/Sir can i do a data flow even i don’t have any hospital experience? Im already here in qatar and working as nurse trainee!

    • SM says:

      Hello Aleli,

      Thanks for reaching out. Yes, you can! With, you have the option to get a PSV report for your documents ahead of time and compile your reports in one. For example, you can get a TrueProof (PSV DataFlow) for your degree first, and once you have hospital experience, you can get a TrueProof for it and add it to your Education TrueProof. Click on to sign up!

      If you need anything else, let me know.

      Best regards,

      SM, team

  • Jubel says:

    Good day!
    I have a 4 year working experience in Jeddah KSa and i want to submit it for verfication ror QCHP. But unfortunately the hospital was shutdown(closed). Is it still valid for verification?

    • SM says:

      Hello Jubel,

      Thanks for reaching out. Any document is valid for verification, it’s only the results that will vary. For organizations that have ceased to exist, we will have no way of conducting a Primary Source Verification as the primary source is no longer there. The DataFlow Group will still conduct verification on it, and will have notes appended to the report – depending on the requirements of the authority. Employers may also choose to accept the verification depending on their policies.

      Hope it answers your question.

      Best regards,

      SM, team

  • Supriya says:

    Hi mam, today I got the positive result for my data flow through True ,so how can I apply for the license now and what are the documents I will be needing for getting my nursing license

    • SM says:

      Hello Supriya,

      Congratulations on your verified documents! The step-by-step instruction is on the article, under the heading: Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners. It also has links that direct you to the QCHP website, as well as links for all the documents you need. If you have any questions about the licensing process, you may want to reach out directly to the QCHP as they are the ultimate authority on this.

      Best of luck in your endeavours!


      SM, team

  • Anu says:

    Hi sir ,I am anu Registerd Nurse I have 2 year experience in nursing and I completed prometric Qatar and dataflow,
    My question is is there any continues experience for my evaluation?i have 6 month gap in experience in between 2 year

    • SM says:

      Hi Anu,

      Thanks for reaching out. Your question would be best addressed by the authority who will do the evaluation. For example, reach out to SCFHS if you are applying for a KSA license.

      Best regards,

      SM, team

  • Shari says:

    Hi mam I have 1and half experience in India after completing prometric and dataflow any other verification is needed for working in qatar