Five Best Practices for Online Interviews

Online interviews existed long before the global pandemic struck. Even before worldwide economies almost ground to a halt, remotely-conducted meetings with prospective applicants were practiced by companies that straddle international borders. This is especially true for outsourcing companies and company call centers. However, now that international economies are slowly starting up again, most organizations are deeming it prudent to conduct interviews remotely, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. So, with this in mind, here are some best practice tips for a successful online interview.

Check your equipment

What will you be using to access the internet? Are you using a laptop, a tablet or your desktop computer? Check to make sure that everything is working properly. The mic, the camera, the internet speed – are they working and is the speed sufficient? It’s great practice to test everything in advance and double check your internet speed before your call. This way, if anything is broken (like the mic), you can get it fixed or find an alternative option in time. 

Check your location

Are you visible on screen? Is there enough ambient lighting for them to see you? Is your background noisy, with your neighbors’ dog barking incessantly in the background? Quite frequently, online meetings are disrupted by a third player, often to hilarious results.

Do make sure to talk to your family or housemates, if you have any, about your pending interview. Make them aware of the time you will be in the meeting, and set expectations about what you need from them.

Dress professionally

Take your cue from the interviewer and anticipate that they will ask you to turn your video on. Video or no video, though, you should always dress as if you are being interviewed in person, so that you are more prepared mentally.  As well as dressing appropriately, make sure that your background is also tidy. If you have a bookcase, that is the accessory du jour in these times of Zoom interviews!

Don’t Google it

If you’re stumped on a question in a remote interview, don’t Google it. Believe me, interviewers can tell. There are many horror stories told by HR Managers where an interviewee will pause for 5 minutes and then suddenly come up with an erudite answer… like they have just Googled it! Answer as honestly as you can, and you can give yourself more time by saying: That’s a great question. Can we come back to that? Depending on the situation, you can also say that you do not have enough information on the subject to answer in full right now but you’d love to do your own research and send over your thoughts later that day.

Impress employers with verified credentials

Just as you dress to impress, get instant trust with verified credentials. Get your documents verified with and attach a TrueProof to your resumé. Better yet, use your myTrueProfile page as a digital CV and get the attention of international recruiters. It’s easy to bag an online interview if you have your Contact Settings set to public, so that employers can easily browse your credentials. Make sure you’ve sent your verified credentials over to interviewers ahead of time, so that they are assured of the skills and experience you outlined in your application.

Secure an online interview when you set your Contact Settings to public on your myTrueProfile page!