Three Steps in Getting a Prometric Exam for your SCFHS License

You have decided to go through with your application for a job in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. All your documents are ready, and your funds are on standby for miscellaneous fees. You have to take the Prometric exam and you don’t know how to get it. No need to worry, as we’ve narrowed it down to three steps in getting Prometric for the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS).

steps prometric scfhs
You want your professional health license.

1. Register with Mumaris Plus

The very first step is signing up for Mumaris Plus. Applicants are required to create their application on Mumaris Plus and complete the Classification and Registration process. Once this process is completed then SCFHS credentialing team will notify them for the prometric exams. Please note that SCFHS team will send you the communication on the registered email address and under your profile on Mumaris Plus.

2. Schedule an Exam

The next step is to schedule your exam. It may take time for you to receive the SMS that a link has been sent to your email. Remember to use a computer and click on the link found in the email sent in order to not get an error. Once you click on the link, it will take you to the Prometric website. Choose the appropriate radio buttons and drop-downs on the website. The complete steps on scheduling the exam can be found on this blog.

3. Take the Exam

steps prometric scfhs
Wear comfortable clothes.

Finally, make sure that you’re at the exam centre at least 45 minutes before your time. If you are in anyway late, you may be forfeiting the fees that you paid for ($239.00 as of May 2017). Print your booking confirmation and bring it with you on the exam date. Don’t forget to also bring your passport or a valid and unexpired government-issued id. You will be asked to empty out your pockets and to store your personal effects in a locker they will provide. The testing center will provide you with any scratch papers that you may need. You will receive your test results once you’re done.

Summarily, those are the steps that you need in getting your Prometric for SCFHS. Good luck, guys!

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  1. Hi!

    My name is George and I already have an exam eligibility number which I acquired from Mumaris – SCFHS, but the email where my exam eligibility number came from doesn’t contain the log-in details for the Pearson Vue site. What do I do? hope you can help me with this regard. Thanks in advance.

    1. Dear George,

      Thanks for reaching out. You would need to contact our Applications Support Team to best address your concern. Click on If you do not have the information like the bar code or the reference number, please use the “Other Purpose” button at the bottom of the page. We will then return to you with a qualified response shortly.

      Best regards, team

  2. Hi
    I have got myself registered with mumaris plus, and done with my verification from dataflow. I am unable to find any tab in mumaris plus for obtaining eligibility number.
    Please guide me in this regard.

    1. Hello
      I have applied for my qualification of study in mumaris plus on March 2019 still under review
      I called SCFHS many time they told it will take time to do wait as well as I visit many times direct office
      I have completed my data flow everything
      Any solution from your side

      1. Hi Naveed,

        Thanks for reaching out. We understand your concern, and we’re happy that your DataFlow is already done. Much as we would like to provide information or assistance, your concern is best addressed by the regulator SCFHS – something that we have no control over.

        For any assistance with document verification, we would be more than happy to help you out.

        Best regards,

        SM, team

  3. I’ll be taking the test for Oral Surgery. Please guide me about the Syllabus and recommended books. I have searched the net but unable to fine any appropriate details in this regards.
    like will it be from basic sciences or clinical?
    looking forward for help. thanks.

    1. What are the step by step process to be a nurse apecialist? I am a nurse techician and i want to upgrade my classification as nurse specialist..
      Please help.. thank you

  4. I’ve paid on Mumaris + amount of SAR 900 as they’ve requested that that will be for Exam, now when I got my Eligibility number ang going to schedule the Prometric Exam, again the Prometric site is asking for $239 equal to same amount of SAR 900. Why it’s happening to me? I’ve to pay again? I’m trying to reach to Saudi Council but no answer. Please advise

  5. Hello Sunbal,
    I have the same case as you,
    May i know if you already scheduled your exam?
    Your response is very much appreciated

    1. hi mam maricar..
      I have the same problem regarding payment for scheduling prometric .what did you do mam?? . and did pay 239$ for scheduling??

      1. Hi im currently in saudi arabia i have already got my eligibility number for the nurse specialist exam which was processed here in saudi via online can i still take the exam in my country Philippines or do i need to take the exam in Saudi Arabia? Please help

        1. Hello Farah,

          You can take your exam wherever it is convenient to you. For more detailed information, please reach out to Mumaris+Tawasul.

          Best regards,

          SM, team

  6. I just checked my data flow result is positive after this what should I do to get number eligibity for exam.. U can explain how step

  7. I already paid 900 SR for my Mumaris plus account they said the payment is for exam after few days i have my active eligibility number.
    I checked the to schedule my exam and selected the testing center and put all the data, when im about to finish, again the Prometric site is asking for $239 same almost 900 sr.
    Whatbdo i need to do.
    Please send the updated process

  8. Hello, I done my Prometric exam 1 st time I am not passed. I want to try 2 nd time . When I am taking exam date my eligibility number showing like it does not exist . Why it happened ?

  9. Please tell me if they accept Diploma nurse as a registered or specialist nurse in Saudi Arabia?
    I got an offer form a pvt hospital but worried if they will accept me for prometric exam or no?
    kindly answer me. thank you

  10. hi i want to take specialist exam here in ksa,i already passed the nurse technician in the philippines before i also have the saudi council id as technician,how to process specialist exam and can i still use the eligibility number before?thank u

  11. Iam naema iam apply for classification certificate.iam already finish my exam.schs send me msg your eligibility exam id is activated what can i do plz help

  12. Hello po, papatulong po sana ako nasa KSA po ako currently ngayon at magtatake ng prometric may DATA FLOW na po ako laging nirereturned ng Mumaris ang application ko na comply ko na po lahat ngayon meron naman po siyang hiningi ang Data flow (valid professional license from data flow) yung data flow ho verfication ba ang hinihingi nila? Naibigay ko naman po. Please Help po! Nagreklamo na po ako sa tawasul as for now kasi wala akong maittached na attachment dun po sa nireturned nilang applications sa mumaris.

  13. Hello,
    i want to confirm , which institute is taking exam for SCFHS in Pakistan ?

    is it Prometric Or Pearson AVU

    Hoping to hear from you !!!

    1. Hello Dr. Farhan,

      It would be best to contact SCFHS directly for your query. For document verification questions, we would be more than happy to help you out.


      SM, team

  14. dear Sir
    my dataflow is completed and please let me know what is the next step for applying for pharmacist exam in SAUDI ARABIA.

    Best regards

  15. dear sir

    i am bachelor of pharmacy graduate and when applied for classification, i received examination for pharmacy technician in Pearsonvue instead of pharmacist. kindly assist me .


    1. Hello Malek,
      You can click on the links provided in the article so you can get more information on the fees for their services.
      You can opt to get your documents verified ahead of time at and transfer the report to SCFHS for an easier application.
      If you need anything else, let me know.
      SM, team