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3 Steps in Getting a Prometric Exam for your SCFHS License

You have decided to go through with your application for a job in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. All your documents are ready, and your funds are on standby for miscellaneous fees. You have to take the Prometric exam and you don’t know how to get it. No need to worry, as we’ve narrowed it down to three steps in getting Prometric for the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS).

steps prometric scfhs

You want your professional health license.

1. Get your Eligibility Number

The very first step should be getting your eligibility number from Mumaris Plus. You would need to click on the e-services tab, then the Create Eligibility Number box. There will be a long list of instructions, you would just need to click on the “click here” link. Once you’re at the Mumaris login page, create a Practitioner New Account. Use a computer, as the website does not support phone browsers at the moment. Refer to this PDF file for step-by-step instructions on how to get your eligibility number.

2. Schedule an Exam

The next step is to schedule your exam. It may take time for you to receive the SMS that a link has been sent to your email. Remember to use a computer and click on the link found in the email sent in order to not get an error. There are two organizations facilitating the exam. One is Prometric itself, while the other one is Pearson Vue. Once you click on the link, it will take you to either website. Choose the appropriate radio buttons and drop-downs on the respective websites. You would need to be ready with the eligibility number, while the sign-in credentials for Pearson Vue is the one provided in the email. The complete steps on scheduling the exam can be found on this blog.

3. Take the Exam

steps prometric scfhs

Wear comfortable clothes.

Finally, make sure that you’re at the exam centre at least 45 minutes before your time. If you are in anyway late, you may be forfeiting the fees that you paid for ($239.00 as of May 2017). Print your booking confirmation and bring it with you on the exam date. Don’t forget to also bring your passport or a valid and unexpired government-issued id. You will be asked to empty out your pockets and to store your personal effects in a locker they will provide. The testing center will provide you with any scratch papers that you may need. You will receive your test results once you’re done.

Summarily, those are the steps that you need in getting your Prometric for SCFHS. Good luck, guys!

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